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Impromptu Student Ballot 2015-16

Impromptu Rules 2015-16


Motivational Rules 2015-16

Motivational Student Ballot 2015-16

Motivational Submission Forms 2015-16


Broadcasting Rules 2014-15

Broadcasting Student Ballot 2014-15


Storytelling Rules 2013-14

Storytelling Student Ballot 2014-15

Storytelling Submission Form 2013-14


Individual Policy Debate

Individual Policy Debate is no longer a Stoa pilot event.

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IP Debate Rules 2015-16

IP Ballot 2015-16

IP Ballot for Joy of Tournaments 2015-16

IP Flow Sheet

IP Orientation 2015-16

IP Timer Worksheet

Individual Policy Debate Contacts

Patsy Butman
Joanne Quan
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