NITOC Competition Events

Timing Guidelines

Judge timing instructions 2017-18

Speech Events

NITOC 2018 will offer 12 Individual Events (Speech Events) grouped into four main disciplines:

Interpretive Speeches

Dramatic Interpretation
Duo Interpretation
Humorous Interpretation
Open Interpretation

Bible Presentation/Interpretation
Original Interpretation

Limited Preparation Speeches

Extemporaneous Speaking
Mars Hill Impromptu

Platform Speeches

Expository Speaking

Illustrated Oratory

Original Oratory

Biographical Informative/Narrative
Informative Speaking

Persuasive Speaking

Wild Card Event Speeches

Cold Reading

The Italicized Events are Speechranks events from other leagues that are compatible with Stoa’s NITOC events. Students receiving two Green Check Marks on Speechranks in those events will be invited to participate in the associated NITOC event based on the National Model Invitations system. Other leagues also have events that are already grouped with NITOC events on Speechranks. State Model Invitations apply to Stoa Events only. 

Debate Events

NITOC 2018 will offer three debate events:

Lincoln-Douglas Value Debate

Resolved: Preemptive warfare is morally justified

Team Policy Debate

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reform its transportation policy

Parliamentary Debate

NOTE: For Duo Interpretation, Team Policy, and Parliamentary Debate only teams may be invited to the Stoa National Invitational Tournament of Champions. In other words, a student may not receive an invitation with one partner and then compete at the Stoa National Invitational Tournament of Champions with another. If a student receives an invitation with two different partners in the same event, he/she must choose with which partner to compete.

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