Purpose: Guide You to Opportunities

The purpose of this request for proposals is to help you understand the beneficial opportunities available to your organization at Stoa’s NITOC 2017.

The national Stoa organization plans a final tournament in May of each year, called NITOC. NITOC stands for the National Invitational Tournament of Champions. This tournament typically draws over 600 select students, and their parents/families, from across the nation, requiring more than 800 community leaders to give feedback to students at the event.

I. Participation and Support Opportunities at Stoa NITOC 2017

The 2017 NITOC will be held at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, beginning on Saturday, May 29, 2017. NITOC will assemble nearly 700 competitors for six days of competition culminating in the finals and awards ceremonies on June 3, 2017.

II. Three ways to support NITOC 2017:

Vending – Vendors primarily engage with the NITOC event through table setups in attractive tournament locations where you will have the opportunity to meet, greet and engage both the competitors and their families.

Sponsoring/Advertising – Your organization’s name can gain prestige through the Stoa channels. By sponsoring our tournament, you support our families and students. We are grateful for this opportunity and have added many advertisement options to promote your organization.

Offering Scholarships – At NITOC 2016, $7 Million in scholarship offers and grants were awarded to the competitors. Stoa would like to see the number of institutions and scholarship amounts expand. Each scholarship opportunity is detailed more fully in following sections of this document.

Vending – 25 Tables Available

This year, we are hosting a NEW Vendor Expo on Tuesday, May 30, 2017. This will allow your team to make the biggest impact in a short amount of time. We are excited to offer a high-traffic area, greatly publicized as our first NITOC Expo! Our Vendor Expo is in the Barefoot Student Union near the Brewer Dining Hall and cafe coffee shops. This is a beautiful space with abundant light and atmosphere… our best venue for vendors yet!

The following Basic Package is available at the cost of $125:

  • One Day Vendor Expo: Tuesday from 9am-6pm
  • Accepting up to 25 vendors in a high traffic air-conditioned hallway
  • 6 foot Skirted Tables with two folding chairs
  • Lunch included for two
  • Electricity available to each table
  • Vendor Bingo Raffle – participants that visit a booth receive a stamp/punch from vendor; 6 stamps = entry into raffle
  • Vendor Ideas resource to get you started!
  • Expo advertised to membership in advance and throughout the day

Premium ADD-ONs:

  • $100 – Stuff envelopes (materials due May 26th) (~700 students, ~450 parent/family/coach)
  • $100 – E-Scratch Opportunity on Expo Day brings customer into your booth to electronically ‘scratch a card’ and win a prize

Pro Package: EVERYTHING listed above (Basic Package + both ADD-ONs): $300

BONUS Chance to Engage: Judging. NITOC is a wonderful place to engage students and parents about their current and future educational plans. Acting as both a vendor and judge provides extended time to interact with Stoa members. Observing the potential talent pool both from an admissions and a potential financial aid standpoint is a tremendous opportunity for you. To sign up as a judge, go to: https://nitoc2017.homeschooldebate.net/judges

Please be aware that we have limited space; only 25 vendor tables are available at this event. Contact Patricia Shaw at patricia@stoausa.org for more information.


The following table shows which features accompany which packages. Each feature is explained afterwards.











Logo on Mobile App X X X X X
Logo on NITOC 2017 website X X X X
Logo on Mobile App & NITOC site Mar 2017-Feb 2018 X X X
Live link to your website on NITOC website and Mobile App X X X
Push Notification(s) week of NITOC 2017 1x/week 2x/week 3x/week 3x/week
Logo on signage all over campus X X X
Logo on Banners X X X
Logo on Hall of Champions Posters X X
Event Sponsors X


Mobile App: Stoa has a mobile App that is available on both iOS and Android devices. Stoa families utilize this app for updates and information about the tournament including room locations, tournament updates and event postings during the NITOC week. Stoa will place your logo at your level of sponsorship on the Stoa NITOC mobile App once your sponsorship is paid, and it is able to remain there through NITOC 2017.

Registration Site Logo: Stoa also utilizes a website for the registration process. Your logo may be placed on the website in the Sponsor area with the appropriate sponsorship designation.

Push notifications: Stoa is able to push your alerts/ message through our mobile app, designated by your level of sponsorship. Want to highlight your organization on one or more of our competition days? This is a great opportunity!

Banners: Your Logo may be placed on the Banners at the NITOC Welcome Center around the NITOC competition site.

Signage: You may receive signage recognition in the NITOC Judges Hospitality room where the judges and parents are mostly located, as well as around various locations on campus.

Hall of Champions Recognition: In the main auditorium, where the awards ceremony and other large assembly events are to be held, there will be a Hall of Champions where previous NITOC Champions are identified. Your Logo may appear on this signage, at the Platinum Level.

Exclusive Event Sponsors: Our first ever event sponsor opportunity begins this year. Be part of a new tradition to support all students in a particular event! When an event is called at our live-recorded national awards ceremony, your organization will receive exclusive sponsor recognition. Imagine: “The _______ College sponsored Humorous Interpretation awards for NITOC 2017. The ____ College Humorous Interpretation Awards are as follows….” This is an exciting addition this year, as the intent is to cover the cost of awards for the majority of the students of a particular event. This will be a first come, first served opportunity, available only to our Diamond Level Sponsors.

Offering Scholarships

It is our hope to work with a variety of schools to offer the competitors a plethora of post- secondary, academic options as they consider post placement at our national tournament.

Based on the most recent data, we expect to have over 600 qualifying students. The tournament declares 18 National Champions along with one Sweepstakes Champion.

It has been our experience that many academic institutions may offer a scholarship, only to have a deserving student not “fit” due to a particular event qualifier. We want to give you the opportunity to connect to the “right competitor”, at the “right time”, at the “right event”. We offer flexible selections of events, amounts and students to choose from.

Before you consider levels of opportunity on our scholarship application, consider our small primer on the invitational process to better understand the quality of the students involved in this tournament:

Each student competes in self-selected local tournaments through the school year – beginning Oct. 1 and going through April 30. The location and number of tournaments is entirely up to the student.

For a student to qualify for NITOC, a student must finish in the top 40 percent at two tournaments (thus earning two green check marks). For more information on speech events, please go to: http://stoausa.org/speech-events/. For more information on our innovative debate events, please go to: http://stoausa.org/debate-events/.

By the time a participant reaches NITOC, they have already experienced significant success. In fact, among the upper-end talent, it is not uncommon to see four, five or six green check marks in a particular competitive form. This data is publicly available and can be tracked at www.speechranks.com.

Once at NITOC, these students will progress through preliminaries – six rounds of debate and three for speech – and then for debate will face nine rounds of double elimination before a National Champion is crowned. In speech, competition funnels through Quarters, Semis and Finals rounds before the National Champion is determined.

Our goal is to advance the next generation as graduates who are “Speaking Boldly. Changing the world for Christ”. Will you partner with us to support these fine students and families?

Scholarship Agreement: this document must be executed and will ensure reasonable terms for the scholarships, protecting from liability and misunderstanding.

How to Participate

If you have any questions, ideas, or concerns, please contact Patricia Shaw (our volunteer Vendor Coordinator) at patricia@stoausa.org.

Otherwise, please register using this form and Patricia will email you an invoice!



Send Artwork/AD/Company Logo to:

MelRae Ambs, Stoa NITOC 2017 Tournament Director at melrae@stoausa.org in the following formats:
1. 580×410 size JPG or PNG; and
2. EPS vector file (for poster/banner printing)

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