New Video Launched!

Where do I find an interp? How do I cut an interp? Should I do an interp? As part of our mission Stoa exists within the Christian Homeschool speech and debate community to equip Christian coaches in the art and science of public speaking and debate excellence. Two of our dedicated Speech Committee members shared…

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Why donate to Stoa?

You can support Stoa instantly by making a donation of any amount, and encouraging others to do the same. Why donate to Stoa?  The vast majority of the funding for Stoa comes from membership registration.  NITOC also generates funds, but our hope is to keep those fees as low as possible, as we know the…

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Registration Now Open, 2017-2018

Registration for 2017-2018 opens today!  Take note, membership dues look a little different this year: Register before December 31st, 2017: $55.00 for families with at least one 12-18 year old student competing at tournaments (regardless of the number of children).  Early registration saves you $20. This $55.00 covers the entire season. Register on or after January 1st, 2018: $75.00 for families with…

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