As a Stoa alumni, I could not recommend DBU more highly. My first semester on campus was an extremely welcoming one and I truly felt I was equipped for my college experience. DBU did their part to make that first semester a wonderful learning experience, from friendly and Godly professors, to engaging conversations at the Friday Symposium. By the third week of classes that first semester, all of my professors knew me by name and were willing to provide answers to any and all questions I had on any topic.

During the beginning of state lockdowns here in Texas, all of the DBU faculty and staff put the safety of students over convenience and did their best to ensure that classes continued in a safe and timely way. All of the professors worked with the online format extremely well and offered countless times to pray for any anxieties and troubles that students were having.

For any Stoa debater looking to continue in their current field, DBU’s Politics, Philosophy, and Economics program is a perfect fit. All of DBU’s programs focus on truth-seeking in education, which is perfect for any Stoa student wanting to continue to speak boldly for Christ.

I could not recommend DBU any higher for a Stoa student looking to receive an education in a Christ-centered, personable format.

Joseph Alcazar
Stoa Alumni


Choosing a university can be a daunting task.  I didn’t make the decision to come to DBU until after I sat in on a class.  The school has great programs and great opportunities, but it’s the style of learning that sealed the deal for me.  Here at DBU, classes are often designed to be more conversational.  We don’t just listen to lectures; we have an in-class dialogue.  As a Stoa alumni, I appreciate the opportunity to discuss various subjects and talk openly about my own opinions on topics from Dante to homeland security.  When classes become a two-way street they’re more educational, and certainly more engaging.  Beyond that, since classes are smaller there is more opportunity to know your professors one-on-one.  There are plenty of chances to have coffee with them and talk about being a college student during the Vietnam War, or to joke about the fact you and your professor are watching Lost at the same time.  If you’re a Stoa student looking for a university where you’ll do more than just listen and memorize, DBU might be the place for you.

Joshua Farquhar
Stoa Alumni

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