NITOC 2022 will host three debate events:

Lincoln Douglas Value Debate

Resolved: In the field of biomedical engineering, restraint ought to be prioritized over scientific advancement.

Medical advances over the last century have raised the average lifespan to an unthinkable degree for our forebears. The sequencing of the human genome, the emergence of CRISPER, and in vitro fertilization all represents stepping stones on the path to radical recontextualization of the possibilities of how humanity can shape the future of our species. But not all knowledge is beneficial let alone safe. This resolution encourages students to plumb the depths of the emerging ethical dilemmas around science’s power to reshape humanity.

Lincoln Douglas Value Debate Resources

Team Policy Debate

Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially reform the use of Artificial Intelligence technology.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most cutting edge, relevant topics debaters could be learning about right now. What the industrial revolution did for the 18th century, artificial intelligence is doing for the 21st. A whole slew of new technologies are being developed that will change how we live our daily lives, and old technologies are being improved dramatically too. AI has the potential to reduce cost of living, while improving quality of life. However, AI also has the potential to displace large numbers of workers, and be used in settings where AI may be the one making the call about who lives and who dies. Wherever you can find computers, you can find people developing AI. From the military, to healthcare, to surveillance, to transportation, to agriculture, to criminal justice, AI software is being written that will have profound impacts on the future. How much should these new technologies be regulated? What precautions should the government put in place? How could the government itself use AI to improve its own functions? These questions and more can be explored by debaters under this exciting topic.

Team Policy Debate Resources

Parliamentary Debate (aka Parli)

Resolutions are announced/released prior to the beginning of each round.

Parliamentary debate is an activity in which teams of two students debate one another in an extemporaneous form of debate in which their topic is given just minutes prior to the round. Parliamentary debate asks competitors to develop and defend positions on a wide range of issues that could be fact, value, policy or scenario in nature. Parliamentary debate (aka Parli) not only relies on quick thinking but also on an accumulation of general knowledge on a broad range of subjects.

The purpose of Parliamentary debate is to instill in Christian home school students the skills of presentation, critical thinking, research, and analysis of current events. That endeavor should only be accomplished in an environment of honorable competition that cultivates maturity, wisdom, grace, poise, and brings glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.


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