Individual Policy Debate is NOT a NITOC event, IP will have its own National Championship.

Individual Policy Debate is no longer being piloted by Stoa. IP Debate will not be competed at NITOC.  However, some Stoa tournaments will offer this form of debate.  These forms were maintained through May 2016.

The purpose of Individual Policy Debate is to train Christian home school students in the skills of presentation, critical thinking, and research in an environment of honorable competition, to cultivate maturity, wisdom, grace, and poise, bringing glory to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Stoa National Individual Policy Debate Championship

Stoa hopes to offer a National Championship for Individual Policy Debate in 2016 just as it has in both the 2014 and 2015 Season.

Participate in IP tournaments during the season, earn green check marks and an invitation to the IP National Tournament of Champions being held in Nashville, TN.

As was the case in 2014, 2015, and 2016, the invitational process will depend on the level of participation in the event during the competitive season.

  • A student must participate in an Individual Policy Tournament to earn an invitation
    • Participation in Team Policy or another form of debate will not be considered
  • If participation levels are similar to the previous two seasons, all students having competed in Individual Policy debate will receive an invitation
  • If participation numbers grow dramatically and exceed the space available at the tournament facility invitations will be extended to students with one Green Check Mark.
    • This determination cannot be made at this time and must wait until the season matures.
    • Once participation levels are determined, an announcement will be made ASAP

For more information, contact anyone on the IP debate committee or Angela DiBrito, Tournament Director.

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