A monologue is a speech from a single character. The competitor interprets a monologue from a single published source. No original material for the monologue selection is allowed. A portion of the presentation may include a brief analysis, background, and/or context of the monologue. Entire presentation has a maximum time of five minutes.

The goal is to select and interpret a monologue from a play or piece of literature. The competitor will seek to move or entertain an audience by portraying a single persona, showing an insight to that character that is not always possible in scenes with multiple characters. The monologue may be a poem, as long as it is the thoughts or voice from a single character.

In ancient, classic, and modern theater and literature there are many moving, as well as entertaining monologues. These pieces of merit are seldom used in competition because their single-character scripts are viewed as not being as competitive as pieces with multiple roles. Monologues often lend themselves more to characterization than a blocked performance in a scene. This event will also serve an educational purpose of introducing great monologues to Stoa competitors.

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