Stoa Academy 2017

Check-in July 20, 2017, Sessions July 21-22 2017

California Crosspoint Academy

Crosspoint serves the San Jose, Fremont, and Oakland area of California.

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Here is what our attendees are saying about the Stoa Academy 2016:

For a veteran mom starting a new club overall rating is great!”

Speakers did a fantastic job of speaking to the title of the workshop. Everyone from board to speakers were very available and willing to answer questions. Thank you To all who put together a fantastic academy.

Price… I still don’t get how I was so spoiled for so cheap!


Registration is now open!
Registration fee: $170
Registration includes: conference, meals, social, and materials

Conference Registration


Please contact CJ Tam at (925) 389 7081 or



When you call to make reservations please tell them you are with Stoa Academy to receive a group rate. All reservations must be made a minimum of 30 days prior to event to receive the group rate.


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Host Housing

Host housing will be available on a first come first serve basis. If you need further assistance please contact Liz Chen email 510-469-7328 to arrange host housing.

General Note: Please plan on extra travel time Friday morning for traffic.

Conference Registration

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