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“Stoa and Union University have both challenged me to think critically about what I believe and to value communicating my biblical worldview to others. The time I spent in Stoa equipped me with foundational skills such as research and analysis, which prepared me for the academically rigorous nature of studying at Union. Now, I am thankful to see how the skills I gained through forensic competition are further advanced at Union, and how I am being prepared to apply those skills in my professional career.”




  • DBU Honors Scholars Academy Application
  • DBU dual credit classes
  • Limited time offer – DBU is offering Stoa families and students a discounted rate for Honors Scholars Academy classes this spring at a price point of $300 per course instead of the advertised $450 rate
    Please contact Greyson Goebel, Enrollment Partnerships, via email at or over the phone at 214.333.7499 to register for this special price as a Stoa member.

ServantU: 5-8 July 2023

  • ServantU is a developmental opportunity to get a taste of the collegiate experience and share in DBU’s vision of producing tomorrow’s world changers. High School students will experience an exciting week consisting of daily interactive academic courses, hands-on afternoon service/ministry projects, and fun nightly student activities. Register for ServantU today!

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  • Jackson Romo testimonial

    “I was a Stoa debater for five years, competing in Team Policy, Lincoln Douglas, and Parli. I can confidently say that debate, and all of the logic, research, and  writing skills that accompany it, was the most important part of my education. At my last NITOC, my mother happened to pick up a GCC brochure, which introduced me to Grove City. At the time, I chose Grove City as a backup school but now that I am here, I would have it no other way. The academics are excellent and the Christian community is wonderful. The small size of the student body allows you to develop strong relationships with your professors and your fellow students.”























  • The Honors College telos—its aim, purpose, end—is to liberally educate the next generation of intellectually gifted Christian leaders. The curriculum starts with the premise that good leadership requires the cultivation of moral and intellectual virtue—the habits of the heart and of the mind that enable one to determine what ought to be done and how best to do it. Join a legacy of disciples, scholars, leaders, and citizens!
  • Submit Your APU Honors College Application
  • Request Information about Azusa Pacific University
  • Learn More about the Honors College through our Podcast & Youtube Channel.





  • CLT exams are designed to support and enhance a homeschool education. CLT’s assessments for 7th-12th graders are steeped in meaningful content, can be taken online, and provide in-depth analytics reports for parents and students. Register for an exam today at




























  • All Christians are called to pursue the Great Commission, and that includes you. Whatever theological education it takes, we’ll help you find it. Whatever intellectual foundation you need, we’ll help you build it. And wherever God calls, we’ll help you get there. Whether you’re headed to the ministry, the marketplace, or anywhere in between, we will help you find your calling.
  • Dual credit opportunities are available, with classes offered both in-person and online.




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