I’m Tegan Truitt, a STOA alum of six years, and a rising senior at Grove City College. I first came to the Grove for the economics department and the extraordinarily friendly student body, but I keep finding new reasons to be thankful I’m pursuing my education here. The low faculty-to-student ratio renders professors highly accessible, so much so that many are more my spiritual/life mentors than mere teachers. Student life is robust, with myriad opportunities for anyone who wants to be involved in leadership: for instance, I captain the debate team and the ultimate frisbee team (both activities I picked up in STOA), and I am the chaplain for my fraternity. The town is beautiful: small, but that means they’ll get to know your name at the coffee shops and your favorite restaurants. Academically, GCC has so many opportunities: we host all sorts of student conferences, many of our departments have fantastic industry and grad school connections, there are opportunities to get published in student journals (often with a stipend), and we have fantastic study abroad programs. 2300 is the perfect student population size—I meet someone new every day, but can always find someone to sit with at the cafeteria. Come visit! And let the admissions folks know you’re interested in debate. My co-captain (another homeschool debater) and I would love to get in touch with you and to host you at debate practice! If I happen to see you at a STOA tournament next season, hit me up with any questions you have. We’d love to have you experience this outstanding education at an extraordinary place surrounded by tremendous friends and mentors.

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