The files below are all presented to help local tournament administrators plan and run their events.

These may be found on the Tournament Documents page under the “Tab Help” button:

  • Stoa Joy of Tournaments Install and Tabulation Instructions 
  • Planning The Tournament Schedule
  • Tab Logistics Information
  • Flowpad to Joy Converter
  • Tab Speech Workflow Tracking Sheet
  • Tab Debate Workflow Tracking Sheet – Preliminary Rounds
  • Tab Debate Workflow Tracking Sheet – Out Rounds
  • Club Champion Spreadsheet
  • Stoa Script Submission Coordinator
  • Ballot and Room Estimator
  • Debate and Speech Orientation (Under the Orientation Button)
  • Stoa Ballot Colors Available at Staples (Under the Ballot and Speech Rules Button)

These may be found on the Speech Documents page:

  • Mars Hill Topics Generator 
  • Apologetics Question Generator

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