Your Stoa leadership recognizes the dedication and hard work that our students put into their competition speeches and we are excited to provide you with an opportunity to use those speeches in competition but also to earn college credits!

We are pleased to announce a new Stoa partnership with Integrity College Solutions.  Now, you can earn oral communication credits from the College at Southeastern in Wake Forest, North Carolina as you compete in Stoa!

Stoa members and alumni at least 15 years old may take advantage of this opportunity. Students will upload a total of 5 speeches over 15 weeks in the fall or in the spring semesters to earn 3 college credits.

Students are given the opportunity to demonstrate their speaking skills by submitting a Stoa approved speech recording from each category: platform, interpretation, and limited preparation. Speeches from previous years that meet all current requirements are permitted for this course.  Registration for this course is open NOW!

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