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  • Stoa: Growing Clubs, Building StoaLocal clubs have always been the foundation of Stoa. Even before Stoa was founded in 2009, clubs were the established method used to develop the skills and character of our students. Learn more about the History of Stoa in February’s Stoabyte.


  • The Stoa Archive has launched! The Stoa Archive at is a new website dedicated to housing Stoa-related content from the past and present. More content will be added over the coming months.


  • Learning Lab: Boost your competitive platform speech with tips, tricks, and techniques. Join the speech committee on Monday, February 6th at 7 pm CST. Contact Angela to register!


  • Stoa has prayer groups for both parents and students. Experience God’s faithfulness with us! Join the Stoa prayer on Mondays at 12 PM CST and Tuesdays at 3 PM CST. Students meet on Tuesdays as well: gals from 6:30-7:30 PM CST and guys from 3-4 PM CST. Email for more information.


  • Stoa might be at your local homeschool convention this spring! Stoa is committed to expanding its ministry. We are proud to announce the homeschool conventions we will be at in 2023, dates and times can be found here.


  • Servant Heart Award: We hope this award will inspire all Stoa students and clubs to reach out and use their skills to “change the world for Christ.” Nominations are due March 15. More info can be found here.


  • It’s Debatable: Traveling to tournaments outside your region, you may notice other ways of debating. Read February’s debate article and remember, as children of God, we are on the same team seeking to build each other up in the faith.


  • Spotlight on Speech: The Stoa website has great resources to make script submission easier! Spend time brushing up on all of the details here.


  • NITOC updates, including important housing information can be found in your February Stoabyte.


  • Student Forum! A “Q & A” for students, by student. Answer February’s question here. Answers will be published in the April Stoabyte.


  • Volunteers needed: Invest in your Stoa family this new year! Use your time, talents, resources, and prayers to grow and improve our community. Find ways to help here!


  • Save the Date: Stoa Family Academy. June 29 – July 1 in beautiful Fayetteville, Arkansas. We will have classes for novice and advanced students, parents, and coaches. More details coming in February.


  • Meet Conor McBride, STOA Alumni. To read about how Conor offers hope to others through his work as an orthopedic surgeon, click here.

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