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  • Congratulations to this year’s Servant Heart Award winners! The 2024 Individual Servant Heart Award winner is Ben Janssen.

    The 2024 Club Servant Heart Award winner is AIM of Spokane, Washington

    Congratulations to the 2024 Mike Winther Award winner!

    Luke Laquey, Texas

  • Spring Vote Winners! Debate:

    Fall 2024 LD Resolution:

    • Resolved: Resolved: The acquisition of knowledge is an intrinsic good.

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    2024-2025 TP Resolution 

    • Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially reform its policy on healthcare.
    • Speech
      Wildcard: Slam Poetry
  • Welcome New Board Member, Wayne Johnson to the Stoa Board of Directors!


  • Stoa Member Registration opens June 15 using the new StoaHub. Check out the StoaByte to learn more!


  • NITOC IYKYK! Check out the StoaByte for some fun facts about NITOC!



  • Grassroots Servant Leadership: The Who, What, How of Stoa: Yearbook Committee. The Yearbook Team is made up of parents from across the country. Team tasks include engaging club leaders and tournament directors, and developing the yearbook design.
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