Board of Directors


Lynda Sloneker, President  Term 2023 – 2025  Contact
Jeff Eschen Term 2020 – 2024 Contact
Theresa Ellington, Treasurer Term 2022 – 2026 Contact
Kimberly Farley Term 2023 – 2027 Contact
Daniel Hinton Term 2023 – 2027 Contact
Janice Tham, Secretary  Term 2022 – 2026 Contact
Mary Winther Term 2021 – 2025 Contact

Executive Director

Contact Stoa’s Executive Director

Committee Chairs

Alumni Committee

Denise Sprimont-Vasquez – Committee Chair
Samuel Durand
Nicole Kaiser
Alyssa Sloneker
Elizabeth Stapleton
David Vasquez

Contact Alumni Committee

Communications Committee

Ande Geer – Committee Co-Chair
JoAnn Pattara – Committee Co-Chair
Wendy Baker
Julie Earnest
Tabita Kubiak
Barb Martin
Leslie Snyder

Contact Communications Committee

Debate Committee

Danny Lyda – Committee Chair
Maggie Carabelos
Colleen Enos
Ty Harding
Katie Herche
Wayne Johnson
Larry Sparks

Contact Debate Committee

Advancement & Partnerships

Stephanie Dropping – Committee Chair
Kayleen Kausrud
Lorraine Mink
Beth Nieva

Contact Advancement & Partnerships Committee

Marketing Committee

Josh Axelberd – Committee Chair
Kris Calhoun
Shelley DeJager
Alyssa Hayes
Julie Pate
DeEtte Sprimont
Mary York

Contact Marketing Committee

Speech Committee

Anna Plummer – Committee Chair
Tasha  Aschmutat
Sue Danielson
Dovey Elliot
Allisha Speed

Contact  Speech Committee

Training and Development Committee

Michelle Hawkinson – Committee Chair
Ellen Alcazar
Elvie Francisco
Melissa Harrington
Trish Youmans

Contact Training and Development Committee

Tools and Tabulation Committee

Mike Diaz – Committee Chair
Stephen Hosmer
Wayne Johnson
Lynda Sloneker
Janice Tham
Tony Weber

Contact Tools and  Tabulation Committee

Venue Search

Shelley DeJager – Committee Chair
Ben Hodge
Sharon Nagatani


Stoa is grateful for the service of the following prior
Board Members, Committee Chairpersons and NITOC Tournament Directors:

Scott York – Founding President
Van Schalin
Mark Russell
Dave McKinley
Greg DeJager
Maggie Carabelos

Konrad Hack
Joanne Quan
Laura Yeates
Angela Childress
CJ Tam

Marie Stout
Danny Eldridge
Wally Long
John Eyth
Angela Childress
Greg DeJager
Sharon Nagatani
Jeff Eschen

Jeff Schubert
Diana Wolfson
Chris Jeub
Elise Pope
Patsy Butman
Robert Kwong
MelRae Ambs
Craig Smith
Patricia Shaw
Mike Winther

Speech Committee Chair
Charlotte Rehn
Craig Smith
Debbie Snyder
Angela Childress
Alicia Stunkel

Debate Committee Chair
Dorr Clark
TJ Harding
Mary Winther
Katie Herche
Steven Vaughan
Colleen Enos

Stoa also wishes to acknowledge the significant leadership of Lars Jorgensen in the founding of Stoa.

NITOC Tournament Directors

Van and Susan Schalin

Van and Susan Schalin

Chris Jeub / Chris Leland

Laura Yeates

Craig and Julie Smith

Danny and Pam Eldridge

Joanne Quan

Melrae Ambs and Angela Childress

Craig and Julie Smith

Danny and Pam Eldridge

Maggie Carabelos and Laura Yeates

Maggie Carabelos and Sharon Nagatani

Lynda Sloneker

Sharon Nagatani and Mary Winther


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