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Stoa makes Joy of Tournaments Tabulation Software customized for Stoa available for use at all Stoa tournaments.

  • Stoa has partnered with Brent Hinkle the author of Joy of Tournaments to provide Tab software that is customized for Stoa Tournaments.
  • Joy of Tournaments is the only software available (non web-based) that can run an entire speech and debate tournament on a single software platform.
  • Joy of Tournaments is used nationally at hundreds of Junior and Senior High School Competitions (such as the NSDA – National Speech and Debate Association {formerly the NFL – National Forensics League}) and at University Speech and Debate Tournaments.
  • Joy of Tournaments produces results that can be uploaded to Speechranks.
  • Joy of Tournaments produces results in a spreadsheet format that can be distributed electronically for purposes of openness, transparency, and accountability.

Obtaining Joy of Tournaments

  • Joy of Tournaments, customized for Stoa, is available for use at all Stoa tournaments.
  • Joy of Tournaments can be downloaded and used without needing a software authorization key. 
  • Joy of Tournaments software is available at
  • Stoa provides step by step information about the installation and use of the Joy of Tournaments software in the first document on the Tournament Documents page.

About the Author

Brent Hinkle has made a very generous arrangement with Stoa Tab personnel for use of his software at all Stoa tournaments.

  • Mr. Hinkle is a Christian gentleman and computer programmer, with a heart for Christian homeschool forensics.
  • Mr. Hinkle has worked extensively with Stoa Tab personnel to customize the software for use at Stoa tournaments and has provided numerous hours of customer support.
    • He usually charges extra for these services, and although Stoa has sought to remunerate him, he has never charged Stoa or accepted compensation for his work.

Joy of Tournament Customer Support is provided by Stoa Tab personnel.
  • Please do not contact Joy of Tournaments for support.


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