Speaking Boldly. Changing the World for Christ.

Christian Faith and Forensics

“For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.”
Romans 11:36 (NASB)

Stoa’s forensics-based mission believes human speech is “from” God and that only through Him can we speak with grace, truth, and beauty.  The league embodies a culture of thought, public discourse, apologetics, and intellectual inquiry. Stoa emphatically stands to develop young people into winsome and God-honoring orators.

Vision, Mission Statement, Strategy, and Core Values

Vision Statement:

To develop world-class communicators who speak boldly and change the world for Christ.

Mission Statement:

To train homeschool students to speak boldly and change the world for Christ.

Six Foundational Pillars of Stoa:

  1. We are a private Christian homeschool league.
  2. We have a Biblical worldview.
  3. We are a community.
  4. We pursue competitive excellence.
  5. We have limited central government and maximum local control.
  6. We equip and support Christian coaches.


Stoa pursues its Vision and Mission by:

  1. Facilitating opportunities for competition and training.
  2. Building a world-class community.
  3. Equipping Christian coaches in the art and science of public speaking and debate excellence.
  4. Promoting the development of a Biblical worldview.
  5. Sharing the benefits of speech and debate to the homeschool community.
  6. Starting new Stoa speech and debate clubs.

Core Values:

  1. We are committed to following established processes and structure.
  2. We are organized and communicate effectively.
  3. We promote a transparent culture of servant hearts.
  4. We communicate a clear vision and mission.
  5. We promote integrity and honesty in every situation.
  6. We recognize competitive excellence.

Position Papers on Governance and Problem Solving:

Click here to read the Position Papers

Quick Facts

  • Stoa has a two-fold distinctiveness. As a forensics organization, Stoa is unashamedly Christian and only serves privately educated homeschool families/students.
    Stoa is established on the model of our nation’s founding fathers, has a commitment to limited central government and maximum local control.
    Stoa trusts local leaders to serve their local communities in administering local clubs and tournaments.
    Stoa’s local clubs offer approximately 100 tournaments nationwide during each tournament season.
    These tournaments are all open to Stoa member-families from across the country.
    Stoa is building a world-class community of students committed to Speaking Boldly and Changing the World for Christ in their homes, churches, communities, universities, and workplaces.

What does “Stoa” mean?

Stoa in Athens“Stoa” is not an acronym, as so many people assume. It is a Greek term for a place of gathering that was popular in ancient Classical times. Scott York, founding president of Stoa, wrote an article on the background of the word, “Stoa,” and how it relates to the goals of the organization.

Exceptional Student Outcomes

“Competing in speech and debate was the best experience of my high school years.  I am a more well-rounded person as a result of being challenged by so many different types of events–and the benefits have carried over into my college experience, too! !”

–Hannah Socolofsky, alumna

“The Stoa league broadened my thinking and improved my speaking skills. Stoa speech and debate teaches students to critically analyze the events of the world around them, to understand opposing opinions, to defend their personal beliefs, and to articulate their views with confidence, clarity, and conviction. God has changed my life through the people of Stoa and the skills the Stoa league fostered in me. Through the Holy Spirit, I have been able to speak at an international conference, lecture, coach, and preach messages of hope in various settings. Thanks to Stoa  I can and will continue to speak boldly and change the world for Christ.

–Lucie Gillette, Stoa alumna

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