National Invitational Tournament of Champions (NITOC) 2023
Scholarship Offer Agreement


  1. Stoa agrees to acknowledge the Scholarship Offeror during NITOC 2023 ceremonies.
  2. Parties further agree as follows:
    • Resolve any disputes in accordance with Biblical principles in Matthew 18.
    • Accept California law and venue with regard to any civil disputes in this matter.
    • Agree that this Agreement may be modified or terminated upon a signed mutual agreement.
  1. Scholarship Offeror agrees to pay Stoa $750 for the opportunity of providing the scholarship offer at Stoa NITOC 2023.
  2. Scholarship Offeror agrees to offer a post-secondary, academic scholarship for any and all costs associated with matriculating, enrolling or attending the university/ academic program at Stoa NITOC 2023 as agreed.

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