Club in a Box includes:

                • Step-by-step instructions to help start your club
                • Ideas to improve your existing club Sample club documents
                • Sample lessons to get you started strong
                • Running a summer camp or open house
                • Getting high school credit for speech & debate
                • And much, much more!



Tournament in a Box includes

                • Step-by-Step Tournament Planning
                • Tournament Roles & Training
                • Sample Tournament schedules
                • Toolkits for each tournament component





Stoa2Go, Stoa’s youtube channel of training videos, includes:

                • Yes, You Can! Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking
                • Great Expectations, Getting Parents Involved
                • A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy of Debate


The Stoa Visual Library has additional resources:

                • Seeking Truth Series
                • State of Stoa messages
                • Recordings of previous Side by Side and Leader Live chats


The Stoa Training & Development Committee is here as your resource to answer any questions you may have. We’d love to hear from you! Email us here.

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