StoaTraX is a web-based online tool designed to give tournament staff the ability to track ballots in real time. By creating a scannable barcode for each judge and each ballot, StoaTraX eliminates judging conflicts and simplifies ballot push. From creating the ballot in tab, pushing the ballots to judges, and receiving the ballots back at return, StoaTraX makes the balloting process visible and seamless.  

When a judge arrives at ballot push, the barcode on their name tag is scanned and StoaTraX displays a list of available events and rooms without judging conflicts. Upon completion of the round, the ballot is scanned in at ballot return and StoaTraX creates a judging history for that judge. 

Users throughout the tournament (push, return, tab staff, and tournament directors) can instantly check the status of any and all ballots with just a few clicks.  

If you are ready to use StoaTraX at your tournament, please submit the form below at least 4 weeks before your tournament.

If you have more questions about StoaTraX, please email

Remember to post your tournament to the Stoa Tournament Calendar.

StoaTraX Sign-Up Form

  • Please include names and email addresses of the Tournament Director, Tab Director, Ballot Push Lead(s), Ballot Return Lead(s), Facility Leads. (Email addresses should be connected to a Google account in order to log in to StoaTraX.)

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