Timepiece Recommendations

In reading the rules for this year’s speech events, you may have noticed that ALL speech events call for timepieces facing the students. Here are some tried models of timepieces that we would like to recommend. For most rooms where the competitor is only a few feet from the judge’s table, this small timepiece does well: Taylor Digital Timer with Jumbo Readout   Mfr # 5896. We suggest you search online for the best available price. They are typically under $10, but we have seen them as low as $4 when bought in bulk.

For finals rooms where competitors may be further from the judges’ table, we recommend a limited number of large timepieces. Click on these links to see two examples:
Jumbo Stop Watch – Easy Timer by TEP price around $26
Lakeshore Giant Classroom Timer $50


What’s best for your tournament?

Stoa values local control of tournaments. These recommendations are just recommendations. Tournaments may use their existing timepieces or may choose to find different ones. Local tournaments may still opt to have timekeepers give hand signals. Do what’s best for your tournament!

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