Tips for Cutting an Interp Speech

The goal of all interps is to relate a story that focuses on plot, character development, or both. Remember that Open Interps may include storytelling or monologues. Plots must have an identifiable conflict and resolution and will include a clear beginning, middle, and end. The journey will include relatable, believable characters that change or learn something, portraying a variety of emotions.

To begin cutting, read the entire story. Identify the main theme of the story and the conflict (or problem) your characters will face. As you read, flag pages with content you might use. Next, complete a basic plot diagram like the one below. Don’t skip this important step! It will focus the cutting process and result in an understandable path. Then, reread your highlighted selections, choosing the parts that fit your plot diagram and advance your story. Keep ONLY those scenes that develop your theme and advance your plot.

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