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Question:  I need a tab key to get our tournament going. Where do I obtain a tab key?

Answer: No tab key is needed. Download the latest version of the Joy Manual as it has the instructions and has been significantly updated.

Stoa Joy of Tournaments Install and Tabulation Instructions 2016-17

In order to simplify document posting, the document above combines four documents:

  1. “Tab Software Installation and Tabulation Instructions” specific to Stoa
  2. An explanation of “Stoa Debate Tiebreakers”
  3. “Recommendations for When Things Go Wrong”
  4. An “Update Log” is now also included at the end of the document

Planning The Tournament Schedule

Tab Logistics Information

Flowpad to Joy Converter

Tab Speech Workflow Tracking Sheet

Tab Debate Workflow Tracking Sheet – Preliminary Rounds

Tab Debate Workflow Tracking Sheet – Outrounds

Club Champion Spreedsheet

Ballot and Room Estimator

Stoa Ballot Colors Available at Staples 2016-17

Post a Tournament

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