Greetings from Union University!

My name is Robbie Graves, and I serve as the Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Admissions and Dual Enrollment Coordinator at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. I am excited to announce that Union will be offering at least 4 fully online dual enrollment classes this spring (2023). Check our website for updated course listings. These courses include:

  • New Testament Survey
  • Written Composition I
  • Elementary Nutrition
  • Medical Terminology

The Union University dual enrollment tuition rate will be $245 per credit hour – tremendous savings from the traditional undergraduate published rates.

I would be honored to discuss dual enrollment options at Union University with you. You may call me on my office phone at 731-661-5590 or e-mail me at For a complete listing of the program requirements and a link to the Union University application for admission visit the Union University Dual Enrollment website at

Union University is committed to its mission of providing Christ-centered education that promotes excellence and character development in service to Church and society.


Robbie Graves

Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Admissions

Union University

Office: 731.661.5590

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